The Difference Between the Agency Model and the Studio Model

When you’re ready to turn your idea into a fully-functional digital product, what is your next step? Many companies start looking for an agency, instead of digital product studios, to help them with coding and development. But, working with an agency might be a significant mistake. Here at Venture Leap, we take a different approach. Instead of working as an agency for companies developing digital products, we are a digital product studio.

What’s the difference? The difference between the agency approach and the digital product studio approach comes down to scale and collaboration.

Agencies Are Order Takers

When you hire an agency, it is up to you to provide all of the details about your idea. Agencies are order takers, not idea shapers. A good agency will take your idea and develop the app you have described. The software will do what it is expected to do. The code will be stable and bug-free.

However, the end product might be a mess. Nobody at the agency is in charge of asking tough questions like:

  • Does this app solve a real problem?
  • Is this digital product a good fit for the market?
  • What value does this product provide to the user?
  • What are the necessary features for the first version of the product (Minimum Viable Product/MVP)?

In other words, agencies often create technically proficient digital products that do not serve the market.

How Digital Product Studios Work

The best way to think of a digital product studio is to think of how movie studios work. A movie often starts with a simple idea. Sometimes a writer has even created the first draft of a script. But, it takes a lot of different creative people to make that idea into a movie.

Producers, directors, cinematographers, and additional writers will all use their creative skills to shape the movie into something that people will be eager to pay money to see. Experts give their input and make the project better at each stage.

At Venture Leap, we do more than just take orders. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, passionate developers, marketeers and strategists who have successfully worked on a wide range of boot strapped as well as Venture Capital powered businesses.

We ask the tough questions so that you don’t waste time and money on something that your target market will just ignore.

The reason we are the premier venture development firm in Berlin is that we care about the performance of the finished product.

We partner with our clients to improve their ideas and create successful digital products designed to succeed in the real world.

Why You Need an Expert Creative Partner

The most successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who challenge them. You need someone willing to make you better. You need a creative partner, not an order taker.

Agencies build digital products. Digital product studios build successful businesses. The ugly truth is that most digital products fail. If you want to beat the odds, you need a creative partner who understands what separates a successful digital product from all the other failures.

Typical agencies increase profits by increasing the number of digital products they can create.

We use a different model. We stake our success and reputation on the performance of your digital product.

Are you ready to have your idea transformed into a successful digital product? Contact us and learn more about how our studio can help you develop your own web application.


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