Prototype development

In theory,
everything looks good now.

Makes sense

The business model makes sense.

Business plan

The business model canvas and the business plan have been worked out.

Ready to Test

Potential customers, users and partners theoretically understand your digital product and are ready to test it.

A Prototype is needed.

And we develop this prototype for you. To do this, we usually build a “click dummy” without much functionality. The test users are now asked to test the click-dummy and accomplish goals. The prototype helps us to see

Whether and how the user engages with the software.

Which paths he takes.

Whether he searches too long for the right function, the right button or the correct field.

What difficulties he encounters.

What he finds good.

Which options he misses.


We collect this feedback. Depending on the scope and quality of the feedback, the prototype is rebuilt and the test users click through again, or we already implement the findings in an MVP – a Minimum Viable Product.

We have prepared the template as a form so you can fill in your answers directly.

Our services include

Consulting & Exploration

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Prototype development

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Let’s talk about your digital business model

Regardless of whether you have an initial rough idea, a digital product or a concrete business model in mind,
we are available to talk to you without obligation.

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