The insights from the prototype provide the basis for the roadmap of the MVP+.

In two-week sprints, the MVP+ is developed and feedback and corrections based on new findings are implemented regularly.

At Venture Leap, we define a Minimum Viable Product – MVP more than a “minimum viable product”. MVPs developed by us are more or less fully deployable, secure and GDPR compliant. This means that you, as our customer, can already start generating revenue with the MVP.

Our experience shows that the basic functionalities of any SaaS or platform solution are up to 80% identical. Instead of developing these over and over again, we use standardized modules from our development platform.

This results in the following
advantages for our customers:

Time & cost advantage

GDPR-compliant from day one

Simple integration via interfaces

Risk reduction through standardization

Always technologically up to date

Through continuous updates

Pareto Principle

With standardized modules, 80% of a solution is already in place.

We focus on the remaining 20% that makes your solution unique. This way, our customers’ solutions are implemented the right way from the start.

Our services include

Consulting & Exploration

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Prototype development

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Let’s talk about your digital business model

Regardless of whether you have an initial rough idea, a digital product or a concrete business model in mind,
we are available to talk to you without obligation.

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