We realise your digital
Business model

Our LEAP.one module platform enables us to do this particularly efficiently. And very secure.

100+ clients trust us

What you can expect from us


Efficient conversion of your business model into a digital product


A secure, privacy-compliant and scalable platform


Depending on your requirements and roadmap, flexible models that always adapt to your needs

Security and privacy: the basis of any platform or SaaS solution

Venture Leap’s privacy-by-design approach offers many benefits to users and businesses. Our modules already have basic GDPR-compliant data protection and security standards integrated – and these are adapted to the compliance requirements of the respective industry as needed. In addition, all the applications we develop are operated entirely in the EU.

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How do I start?

Get an overview of what's important when building a digital business model with our Founder's Toolkit.

We support you at every step of your digital product and accompany you from the idea to the market launch – and beyond

Regardless of how far you are with the implementation of your digital business model, we will support you securely from every step of the process until you have a marketable venture.

In three steps, we screen your idea, test it using a prototype and process all findings into the first version of your solution as part of our MVP+.

Our partner network

In order to deliver the best solutions and future-proof your business, we rely on a strong network of partners

There is no need to develop everything
from scratch for every project.

The basic functionality of each digital solution is up to 80% identical. Instead of developing these over and over again, we use standardised modules within the framework of our proprietary development platform LEAP.one

Our Blog

How to build a platform as a business model in the health sector

The e-health law and the transition to the telematics infrastructure (TI) are promoting a disruption in the health sector on the German market. This is an opportunity for both established companies and start-ups to develop new digital business models for the health sector. A platform provides the opportunity for an impactful, scalable and successful business model.

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Conventional Development

100% individual code basis


  • High entry costs
  • Dependency
  • Often no updates
  • Cumbersome integration
  • Time consuming implementation

LEAP.one by Venture Leap

80% ready to use modules
20% individual code basis


  • Time & cost advantage
  • GDPR compliant from day 1
  • Simple integration via interfaces
  • Risk reduction through
  • Continuous updates and
    always technologically up to date

Available Modules

User Management

  • User registration
  • User & Social login
  • User Management
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Multilingual


  • Products & Services
  • Price Lists
  • Notifications
  • Emails & SMS
  • Search

Enterprise Ready

  • Audit log
  • Analysis & Reports
  • Order management
  • Payments & Billing
  • Monitoring & Analytics


Following product prototyping with user tests and a detailed feasibility and viability assessment, we develop an MVP+ for you.

Our plus: this Minimum Viable Product is 100% marketable and, thanks to our proven modules, compliant with data protection and offers maximum security.

With an MVP+ from Venture Leap, you can not only test your digital solution in the market and optimise it iteratively, but also work with it right from the start.

Another plus: as a member of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand BITMi, we follow the specifications of the “Software made in Germany” seal.

The following list summarises the features that distinguish German software in detail:

  • 100% service:If you have any questions about the product, you will always find a German-speaking contact person. Sales, service and training partners are available locally, hotline numbers are answered in German.
  • 100% Quality: The software designed in Germany is also tested in Germany. Equally important for end users: programme interfaces and instructions are multilingual or in German.
  • 100% future: German software is investment-proof. The compatibility of your programmes and data is also guaranteed in the future. In addition, the further development of the software is contractually guaranteed.

Willkommen bei Venture Leap!

Wir konzentrieren uns vollständig auf die Entwicklung von Probatix, unsere Plattform für niedrigschwellige Labordiagnostik auf Basis unseres modularen Baukastensystems für Web-Anwendungen LEAP.one