Why Choose Us?

We are not an Agency. We are a Digital Product Studio.

What we do differently

Building digital products is hard...

… if you don’t have the right partner at hand. Depending on your situation, you might need to hire an agency or a team of freelancers. Is that a good idea? Let’s look at the main risks.

Well-defined time & effort

The money and effort required are often underestimated. This leads to false promises and disappointment on both sides – and often to failed projects. More features do not mean a better product!

High stakes and less risks

In addition to the money and effort required, the company’s future (as well as the project manager’s career) is often at risk if a project fails. Having a reliable partner who shares your vision is the crucial element for success.

Long-sighted strategy

Not knowing a better way, companies often resort to agencies to develop their product. But agencies are order takers. While they surely can develop an error-free and functioning product, their main objective is usually not the partner’s success but fulfillment of contractual obligations.

With us it becomes a breeze

We have a different vision of a successful digital collaboration. We will not simply fulfill your requirements. We will be deeply involved in the process of finding the right product for you and your customers. We are fully committed from the start.

A clearly defined MVP

A clean and easy-to-use initial product is the basis for long-term success. We set realistic expectations and concentrate on finding and implementing the most valuable core features.

Shared risks and profits

In our experience, the best results require commitment from both sides. We are entrepreneurs and thus risk-takers. We ensure that we are always pulling in the same direction as our clients.

Results and long-term partnership

We are invested in your long-term success. Thus, trust and common goals are some of our main values when working with a partner. That means we will also say ‘no’ to things you want to build if we are not convinced that they will work. We will help you find the optimal product features for you and your customers so you don’t have to waste time and money on features that nobody wants.

The Difference Between an Agency and a Digital Product Studio

When you’re ready to turn your idea into a fully-functional digital product, what is your next step? Many companies start looking for an agency to help them with coding and development. But working with an agency might be a mistake.

When you hire an agency, you must provide them with the detailed description of your ideal product. Agencies are order-takers, not idea-shapers.

A good agency will take your idea and develop an app as you have described. The code will be stable and bug-free. However, the end product might be a mess. This happens because agencies don’t ask tough questions like:

In other words, agencies often create technologically advanced digital goods that do not have product-market fit.

Here at Venture Leap, we take a different approach to the development of digital products. We are not an agency. We are a digital product studio. We don’t just build whatever we are told to. We will challenge your ideas and evaluate them based on early user feedback. That’s how we build web applications and mobile apps that will be in high demand in the market. Together with our clients.

Agencies Are Order Takers, We Are Your Creative Partner

Venture Leap is different. We do more than just take orders. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, passionate developers, marketeers and strategists who have successfully worked on a wide range of boot strapped as well as Venture Capital powered businesses.

We ask the tough questions so that you don’t waste time and money on something that your target market will just ignore.


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