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At Venture Leap, we help entrepreneurial teams to build and launch their digital products.

We build digital products

We provide deep technical expertise combined with long standing entrepreneurial experience. This allows us to quickly identify the core product and provide IT development, operations and business strategy.

Define your products vision

Ideally, the MVP has one core functionality that can be presented to the customers. Based on this, we keep growing the product towards the vision.

Implement and launch the MVP

Depending on your needs, we deliver the MVP for a fixed price in a fixed time frame.

Operate, scale, improve

After the launch, we take over all the further operations and development. We are your IT and product department!

Let’s Create Great Things. Together.

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Example Areas

Entrepreneurial Teams​

Building and launching a digital product is hard. We help you master it.


If you have a running business that depends a lot on recurring manual work or legacy software, a digital product will help you decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Corporate Innovation

Corporates can act much faster when they rely on the expertise and efficiency of small younger companies like Venture Leap.

AI in Real Estate

Real Estate profits a lot from applications of Artificial Intelligence. We show you how to use your data to gain a competitive advantage.

AI in Industry 4.0​

In Industry 4.0 we partner with large and medium sized partners to leverage their data. From small prototypes to full-fledged applications.

AI in Operations​

A lot of operational tasks can be conducted much more efficiently when using AI. With the help of Venture Leap, you can leverage the right tools and techniques for your company.

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