Consulting & Exploration

Digital Venture

You have an idea for a digital venture or have already worked out a digital business model?

Evaluated & Optimized

You would like to have this evaluated and optimized by us as an independent third party?

Define Next Steps

Of course. For this purpose, we offer you a workshop. The goal of the workshop is a guideline that defines the next steps.

In order to deliver the best solutions and future-proof your business, we rely on a strong network of partners

& Exploration

A good tool to evaluate a business idea is a Business Model Canvas. You can download a business model canvas template here.

We have prepared the template as a form so you can fill in your answers directly.

Our services include

Consulting & Exploration

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Prototype development

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Let’s talk about your digital business model

Regardless of whether you have an initial rough idea, a digital product or a concrete business model in mind,
we are available to talk to you without obligation.