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Probatix – The software solution for your Corona test center

You want to build a digital business?

Great idea! This will open up new ways of doing business, target new markets and increase revenue and customer happiness. And our web application development platform is the ideal starting point for this.

New markets and higher revenue

Digital products know no borders. Once launched, they will enable you to establish new markets and customers that were unreachable before. That means your company’s revenue and size will constantly grow. And ultimately, your profits.

More efficient operations

With digital products, your daily operations will be much faster, much less error prone and more convenient for everyone. Plus, they will allow you to leverage forces that seemed impossible before – from real-time reporting to analytics and the use of artificial intelligence.

Better feedback and happier customers

If you do it right, your customers will love your digital product. Through your digital product, you will be able to get in touch with them on a daily basis. This means long-term relationships, frequent recommendations and thus a more reliable and predictable business.

Digital products enable companies and founders to launch a new business at an unprecedented speed. At the same time, people are often overwhelmed by the challenges such a development states towards money, effort and operations. Our goal is to help them find the right point to start, and enable them to build and launch a successful product.

Daniel Werner, Founder & CEO of Venture Leap

How we do it

Having been involved in 100+ projects, we know why digital products succeed or fail. From these learnings, we have developed a step-by-step process that combines best practices and development processes with battle-proven technology. This helps you avoid mistakes that others have made and allows you to successfully launch your product - in less than 90 days.

Understand your goals

We will understand you true goals and motivation for the project. What do you want to achieve? And why?

Define a common product vision

Together, we define a product vision and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that enables you to serve your initial market.

Build based on feedback

We now start building the project. We provide you with a new version every two weeks. You feedback ist constantly evaluated and incorporated into the product.

Launch and iterate

After at most 90 days, we launch a lean product that you and your customers love. And thanks to our development platform, extending and scaling it will be a breeze.

Get in touch

In just 15 minutes, we can help you understand:

– How you can build and launch your business idea as an MVP in less than 90 days

– What the major pitfalls are when building a digital product, and how to avoid them

– What resources in terms of time and money are required

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We love helping our customers and partners succeed

Here is an excerpt of partners and customers we have successfully worked with in the past. If you want to know how this can be applied to your business, contact us.

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Our services

We build digital products that help our customers improve and grow their business. Web applications and mobile apps are part of our basic toolkit. Every project starts with an MVP that delivers the core functionality and brings instant benefits to the customers. In addition, many of our applications leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which enable data-driven business models and advanced analytics. With this at hand, we always strive to improve the core product, forming a virtuous circle for your business.

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