The Founders Toolkit

Insights from idea generation to scaling up your business

The 4 stages of  startup development

Starting something out of nothing is a particular challenging endeavor which is especially true in the startup world.

Idea Generation

This is a rough start, we know, but we got you covered – take a look:
Why your idea won’t become reality and what to do about it

How do you generate ideas to build something new and innovative? Find your answers here:
How to generate a startup idea worth pursuing

On generating Start Up ideas from the legendary Paul Graham / Y Combinator:
How to get Start Up Ideas 

Further idea generation tips from Rob Johnson / Ex TechStart MD:
23 Ways to Generate Startup Ideas

Get better at brainstorming – Harvard will show you how:
Better Brainstorming


Find if your business model is actually worth pursuing and how to go about it:
How to put your Business Model to the test

In order to successfully sell your product or service you have to create an Ideal Customer Profile – check out our simple 4 step process.

Testing your business idea is crucial before spending a lot of time and money on it.
We show you how to set up a landing page for business model testing.

One of our favorite resources for advice and template from business model canvas to testing processes: Strategyzer

The originators of design thinking: Ideo

Test test test: Test your startup idea – A list that took me 8 years to develop

MVP Development

Only 30% of new digital products succeed in attracting enough customers: Overcoming the challenges of creating a digital MVP

Everyone tells you to be optimistic, there is nothing wrong with that. Though taking a look at what could possible go wrong is not to discourage you but create mitigation strategies: The Pre-Mortem Exercise – How to build better digital products

Everyone of you wants that unicorn tech co-founder but don’t let that stop you from starting a tech company:
Why you need to stop looking for a technical co-founder!

To develop a proper MVP you need to know who you want to sell to:
Ideal Customer Profile 

This is just a little more technical and we will help you with this. In any case it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding:
Use Cases

Don’t forget to develop your go to market strategy while we develop your MVP:
The Proven Process for Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

Grow & Scale

Once you start growing (fast) you need think how your ops processes can scale with you: AI and Machine Learning for business operations

You need a digital transformation strategy that reimagines your business processes. Here are five keys to leading a successful digital transformation.

With a robot apocalypse unlikely in the future, the future of machine learning in business looks bright. Find out here how ML can enhance your business.

Are you ready for VC money: Find out if so

Raising money for your market place: The Speedinvest x Marketplace Scorecard

From Start Up to Scale Up: The Growing Pain Matrix

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