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Recent Articles about Real Estate Applications

Digital MVP for Real Estate

A 5-Step Strategy For Digitizing Your Real Estate Business

Today’s tech-savvy real estate firms can dominate their analog rivals, and not just because technology saves them money. Sure, smarter resource allocation will reduce costs over time, but digitizing your real estate firm can have a ripple-effect on your entire business. Transitioning from manual to digital processes can help you: Close deals faster, generating more

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AI in Operations

How to Use AI and Machine Learning to Enhance Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are about more than just self-driving vehicles and robot assistants. AI and machine learning are the future of business operations. The leading companies in every industry are already maximizing the use of these powerful technologies to make everything from their logistics to their recruitment and hiring more efficient. In

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Berlin Real Estate Investment

Making Smarter Real Estate Investment Decisions Through Technology

The heart of AI in real estate investing is routine tasks being automated and decision making made more efficient based on facts, trends, and forecasting. Real estate investors are able to make better decisions and finalize transactions more quickly. Among the variety of real estate AI, the top three areas are: Effective Property Location and

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Technology Trends for Marketplaces

4 Technology Trends Set To Transform Marketplaces In 2020

With innovation in areas like AI and Data Science happening at breakneck speed, digital platforms can leverage these technologies to solve their most common pain points Platforms throughout all industries whether its finance, real estate, or retail, no sector can escape the rising tide of disruption by new technologies and the constant need to innovate.

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Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Real Estate

How AI is driving competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded real estate market Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in many industry sectors, and real estate is no exception. But like many trendy new terms, it’s commonly misunderstood. Contrary to what many people feared, the rise of AI hasn’t led to a surge of

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