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How we do it

Understand your goals

We will understand you true goals and motivation for the project. What do you want to achieve? And why?

Define a common product vision

Together, we define a product vision and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that enables you to serve your initial market.

Build based on feedback

We now start building the project. We provide you with a new version every two weeks. You feedback ist constantly evaluated and incorporated into the product.

Launch and iterate

After at most 90 days, we launch a lean product that you and your customers love. And thanks to our development platform, extending and scaling it will be a breeze.

Building MVPs for Software as a Service Companies​

There is a reason the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector is still booming. Companies of all sizes are always hungry for ways to optimize productivity while not being limited to a single location. 

Every day we help both established SaaS companies and startups who have ideas for cloud-based digital products quickly turn those ideas into MVPs.

We have our own proprietary solution to quickly build MVPs: LEAP.ONE.

Thanks to LEAP.ONE and years of experience building hundreds of apps and other digital products, we know what it takes to get it right the first time, without breaking the budget. Our job is to make your MVP the best it can be. We want you to be profitable as soon as possible. 

We are more than just an agency. Venture Leap is a full digital products studio. We are your strategic partner, helping you go from concept to profitable solution as quickly as possible. 

Our team not only understands the technical demands better than anyone—we also understand the business demands better than anyone. 

We can help you avoid mistakes and find different paths to accomplishing your goals faster and for less money. 

Are you ready to turn your idea into a digital product your prospects will be eager to buy? 

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The most important thing is to take action

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In just 30 minutes, we can help you understand:

  • How you can build and launch your business idea as an MVP in less than 90 days

  • What the major pitfalls are when building a digital product, and how to avoid them
  • What resources in terms of time and money are required

We are looking forward to hear from you! 

No idea where to start?

Let’s change this together and let us help you to turn your idea into real digital business. 

Thoughts around building MVP

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Probatix was developed as a pilot for a comprehensive corona vaccination and test center management and enables a largely digital process from online appointment booking, check-in and evaluation to the electronic transmission of test results without system breaks. As a software-as-a-service solution, the system can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure within a few hours. The intuitive user guidance does not require any training and guides patients, test staff and doctors safely through the

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The future is called “Packaged Business Capabilities”

Post-Covid, companies not only have to rethink many of their processes and products, but should above all work on flexible structures in order to be able to react agilely to changes and innovations in the future. In software development, this is exactly where the principle of “composable business” comes into play and the principle of “package business capability”, which represents the future of business innovations.

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