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Building Online Marketplaces

The platform economy is transforming industries and still attracts a lot of venture capital. If you are looking for an investor in that area talk to our friends at Speedinvest X.

At Venture Leap we believe in digital Online Marketplaces and have successfully helped innovators execute on their marketplace idea.

If you want to know how to transform your current business model into a marketplace or plan on executing on an idea in that area – keep on reading below or talk to us!

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MVP Development

Overcoming the Challenges of Creating a Minimum Viable Digital Product

Creating a successful digital product is tough. Only 30% of new digital products succeed in attracting enough customers to be profitable. Because of the high failure rate, the only sensible strategy is to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and test it. However, even the path to creating digital MVP is filled with obstacles. Here

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Technology Trends for Marketplaces

4 Technology Trends Set To Transform Marketplaces In 2020

With innovation in areas like AI and Data Science happening at breakneck speed, digital platforms can leverage these technologies to solve their most common pain points Platforms throughout all industries whether its finance, real estate, or retail, no sector can escape the rising tide of disruption by new technologies and the constant need to innovate.

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