About Us

We are your long-term strategic partner for IT and product development

We believe that everyone can successfully launch a digital product in 3 months. Tell us a little about you and we will reach out to you!

Who Are We

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and developers who love building new things.

Our Mission

We help companies and entrepreneurial teams realize their idea of a superior digital product.

What We Do

We help our partners and customers create new business models by defining, implementing and scaling their digital product.

Our Team

As a team we strive on transparent communication, clear expectation management and mutual respect.
If we start something – we will finish it. If it won’t work – we are not afraid to voice our opinion and if necessary even turn down a project.
We love to learn, and we do so every day.

Our Values

We love what we do, every day

A successful product and a happy customer are the reason we go to work for.

Our customer is our long-term partner

We are always aiming for the best long term results. So becoming a long term partner of our customers is the best proof of our work.

Constant learning leads to better products

Learning is one of the most important things at Venture Leap. With everyone bringing on their ideas and knowledge, we’re always a step ahead.

Why Choose Us?

If we start a project with you, we mean. We will not sleep until your product is launched.

We are always going for the leanest solution, bringing most value to the customer while keeping complexity and costs as low as possible (but not lower).

We help you avoid the mistakes that we have seen in 100+ projects.

We are based in Berlin and happy to meet our customers face-to-face.

Have a look at what our customers say about us!

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