Probatix – The smart solution for your Corona test centre

Probatix - The smart solution for your Corona test centre

In recent weeks, the importance of private Corona testing centres in Germany and Europe has increased significantly. Many people have had themselves tested before the holidays in order not to infect grandparents, parents and risk groups within the family over the holidays. 

But even after the holidays, the testing centres will continue to play an important role in the safe management of the COVID-19 pandemic and will experience a large influx. 

Regular testing, via antigen tests and PCR tests, will continue to be part of everyday life for the foreseeable future. This makes it all the more important that these testing centres have their procedures safely under control. That’s why we at Venture Leap have teamed up with a private testing centre and specially developed the Probatix software and can now make this solution available to other testing centres.  

Probatix is the cloud solution for the secure management of corona test centers in Germany. The system allows a seamless process: booking an appointment, checking in, testing, evaluation, and electronically transmitting the test results without system breaks.

Philipp Noack –
Co-Founder Venture Leap

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This is how Probatix works:

Probatix Corona Antigen Test Prozess

The reduction of person-to-person contact through the 100% paperless and online payment process reduces the risk of infection for all parties involved.

The reduction of manual data entry is kept to an absolute minimum, increasing the security and reliability of the testing process.

As a Software as a Service solution for corona vaccination and test center management, Probatix can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure within a few hours. The user interface requires no training and guides patients, testers, and doctors safely through the entire process. From booking an appointment to getting the results.

In order to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we will integrate Probatix in existing and new COVID test centers completely free of charge. We have deliberately kept the billing simple and low at 1€ net per booked and paid test plus the costs for the payment provider. There is also no basic monthly fee for the use of Probatix.

What pharmacies tell about Probatix

Peter Ditzel, publisher of the media group Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, interviewed our customer, Kaufpark Apotheke in his podcast.

The two owners Dr. Ina Lucas and Maria Zoschke talked to him about the use of software for the management of corona tests in pharmacies, with our Probatix solution being a central component.

Philipp Noack –
Co-Founder Venture Leap

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